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Dr. Bostwick has created a website!

Phd 4 kids! is a website which provides practical parenting information about kids from crib to college. The information given is written from her perspective as both a mom and child psychologist. Much of the information on the website is exactly what Dr. Bostwick would say in her office!
Phd 4 kids! is a great resource for quick answers about common development and behavior questions. Check back regularly for new topics and make sure and explore the archives for previous articles.

Congratulations to Dr. Bostwick for becoming a Huffington Post contributor about parenting! The Huffington Post is a premier online news source and blog about a large number of topic areas. It is an honor to be accepted as a contributor. Check here to view the Huffington Post website for posts written by Dr. Bostwick and the Pediatric Professional Association website for updates and links.

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